Who are we?

Ecotron SA is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), an organization authorized to perform the transfer of responsibility from producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, which responsibly manages the management processes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in order to facilitate their collection, treatment, recycling, and environmentally-friendly disposal.

The organization provides specialized services for meeting the targets for the collection, re-use, recycling, and recovery of WEEE, as well as informing the competent authorities of the manner in which such waste was handled.

Our mission is to offer our partners professional services and an approach based on reliability and responsibility, in order to build long-term relationships.

Ecotron SA was issued operating license no. 16/May 6th, 2021 by the Ministry for the Environment, Water, and Forestry.

Meet the team

Specialized and passionate individuals, who are responsible, dynamic, and creative
The members of our team have expertise in complementary areas, which means we can provide integrated solutions for a whole portfolio of activities necessary for a proper management of waste: environmental protection advisors, economic operators authorized to collect, store, and recover waste electrical equipment, crisis management and resource management experts, financial and banking experts.


Constant, thorough, and durable knowledge

We provide advisory services concerning the mechanisms, legislation, and regulations governing environmental responsibilities, especially concerning their applicability to the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
We have acquired constant, thorough, and durable knowledge, which serves the companies who need quality support and consultancy, our skills, abilities, and competencies, time, attention, and dedication to develop sustainable and durable businesses.


We provide transparence concerning the contributions collected from producers

The funds collected from producers are rigorously managed to finance the collecting infrastructure and the partnerships with the providers of collecting, sorting, transportation, treatment, and recycling of WEEE services, thus ensuring the traceability and adequate reporting of the collected and recycled quantities for our members.



Dedication, efficiency, and responsibility

We offer you a coherent package of integrated services, tailored both to the real needs of a producer in terms of management of WEEE, and to the market regulations and legislative requirements in the field.
We manage the entire process at competitive rates, whereas economic efficiency is one of the core elements of our activity.