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    C.I.F. – 42132872
    R.C. – J40/619/2020

    • Căpitan Alexandru Șerbănescu, nr. 41 – București, Sector 1
    • +(40) 740-811-720

    Let’s get to know each other!

    This site is a mere summary of a complex activity serving a vast domain, such as the transfer of responsibility concerning e-waste or WEEE. That is why we are here, to find the best answers and the best solutions for you, together.

    We suggest we meet, either in person or online, in order to get to know each other, to identify the needs and services which we can assist you with, together. Thus, we look forward to receiving your requests or inquiries on how we can be of assistance.

    Moreover, we are here for any information concerning the educational campaigns and awareness programs we run on the importance of responsible recycling and promoting a clean environment.
    We will get back to you within the shortest delay possible.

    Thank you for trusting us!