Operations and Services

Ecotron SA is licensed to take over the responsibilities of producers of electrical and electronic equipment arising from the enforcement of Directive 2012/19/EU, incorporated into the national law as GEO no. 5/2015 and Order no. 1494/2016 on the approval of the Procedure and criteria for the assessment and authorization of collective organizations in order to take over the responsibility for meeting the annual targets for the collection, reuse, recycling, and recovery of waste from electrical and electronic equipment, including reporting on their handling, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions in force.

We run our operations country-wide and offer a complex package of services to our members. Companies, whether producers or importers, are invited to conclude agreements for the transfer of responsibility.

Our team comprises advisors with extensive experience in advising EEE producers so as to fulfill their environmental obligations and to meet their collection, re-use, recycling, and recovery targets for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), as well as informing the competent authorities of the manner in which the WEEE was handled.

With an in-depth experience, our specialists provide full advisory services, from registering/enrolling the producers, drafting, submitting, and filing all reports and statements needed to fulfill the specific obligations of the producer to the permanent support along the WEEE management chain in relation to all stakeholders (PRO, EFA, NEPA, organizations implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), etc.).



    Competitive prices

    We have a nation-wide network of partners with a solid background in the WEEE management system and a collection capacity adapted to the market demands and years of experience gathered from their involvement in numberless collection, informational, and awareness-raising campaigns.
    Therefore, because we, Ecotron SA, have decided that environment should be our first priority, we have competitive rates. We are mainly interested in providing timely and quality services at fair and transparent prices.
    You may check the list of take-over rates for the management of WEEE by category here.


    Trustworthy partners

    Ever since the beginning of its activity, Ecotron gained the producers’ trust. We provide the free collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) nation-wide, via authorized operators, for any natural person or legal entity.
    We have the capacity to meet the management targets of 65%, respectively – the minimum collection standard that Romania must meet starting with 2021 – owing to the authorized collaborators/collectors holding a widespread collection infrastructure.
    You can see here who has chosen to work with us. We are certain that your company’s name will soon be added to the list.