Your team of specialists in management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

We provide professional management of the ecosystem of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), we organise environmental education programs and we offer consulting services.


Management of the WEEE ecosystem

We are licensed to take over the responsibility of producers in terms of management of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).

We provide professional management of the entire ecosystem and offer specialist services to help producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment achieve their objectives.

Education and awareness

Our love and care for nature translates into awareness and dissemination programs dedicated to developing environmental-friendly habits.

We develop educational projects dedicated to children as well as awareness campaigns for adults, on the importance of responsible discharge of waste, recycling, and resource management.

Consulting services

We offer our partners specialised multidisciplinary integrated resources to help them achieve their environmental objectives.

Our team includes consultants experienced in offering environmental, legal, economics and management services. We believe that the WEEE ecosystem management requires a holistic approach with focus on the strict management of resources.

We take over electrical waste

Whether you are a natural person or a corporate entity, we are here for you to take over your electrical waste!

Natural person

If you are a natural person concerned about the impact on the environment, you have now the opportunity to get involved in a simple and efficient way.


We offer flexible services for companies. Commit to a more sustainable world and promote the corporate responsibility of your company.

Producer, importer

Show the world that your business is not only offering quality products, but also commits to a sustainable future.

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Why chose Ecotron?

Specialised multidisciplinary integrated services

Holistic approach

Integrated set of services tailored to our partner’s objectives. 


We keep permanently in touch with our business partners. 


Multidisciplinary expertise to offer integrated services at high standards.


Traceability, reporting and resources management. 


Laws, regulations and applicability


Constant reporting on objectives and results. 


We ask and we offer dependability and trust.


Reputation, honesty and ethics are our core values.