Environmental education and awareness

We believe in the power of change through education and awareness. Join our environmental campaigns. A clean environment starts with you. Become an ECOTRON volunteer!

Educație de mediu Ecotron

Raising awareness

We are working around the clock to outline the importance of recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment and of the need to collect waste separately.

Our programs are imagined so as to explain the positive impact each and every individual may have on the environment, by actively participating in the recycling process.

Keep everybody informed

The future we build is based on an informed and responsible generation. Our informational and educational projects aim to raise young people's awareness of e-waste issues.

The projects we develop and run offer practical information and inspire solid and specific actions intended to promote a sustainable environment.

Join us

You are hereby invited to be part of the change we are carrying into our community. Join our environmental campaigns and become an ECOTRON volunteer!

Whether you get involved in selective collection activities or educational programmes, your contribution is critical when it comes to creating a healthier and cleaner environment.


Why chose Ecotron?

Our company offers a coherent package of integrated WEEE management services, tailored to the actual needs of a producer and to the market conditions and the requirements under the applicable regulations.

Economic efficiency is of the essence for us, and competitive rates are a key element in the way we do business.

At ECOTRON, we strive to provide solutions that not only meet expectations, but exceed them, while ensuring efficiency and affordability.

Choose ECOTRON for dedicated, efficient and responsible collaboration in e-waste management.

We do much more than manage waste - we build partnerships for a greener, more sustainable future.



Each of our commitments reflects a routed passion for the environment and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing quality services and committed to contributing to a cleaner, healthier world.



We manage WEEE in line with the most stringent legislative requirements and we make sure that our processes meet the highest sustainability standards.



Ecotron services are designed to economically boost the results as we make sure that every step of the process is carried out accurately and in line with the highest quality standards.



Ecotron services are flexible, tailored to the actual needs of the producers and to the market conditions, and translate into tailored and innovative solutions.