Environmental regulations

At ECOTRON, we are committed not only to the responsible management of WEEE, but also to providing information essential for full compliance with legal requirements. Here are our key resources:

For more details about the regulations in force on environmental protection specific to WEEE visit the website of the Ministry of the Environment – WEEE Committee.

Legislație de mediu Ecotron

Government emergency Ordinance No 5/2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

JOINT Order of the Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry and of the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment No 1274/2036/2020 of June 19, 2020, amending Annex 4 to the Order of the Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry and of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Trade and Business Relations No 1.494/846/2016. 1.494/846/2016.

JOINT Order of the Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry and of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Relations No 1494/846/2016 JOINT Order of the Minister of Environment, Water and Forestry and of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Relations No 1494/846/2016 approving the procedure and criteria for issuance of the license to operate, for review, annual endorsement and cancellation of the license to operate for the collective organizations and for approval of the operating plan of producers who individually meet their obligations, for issuance of the license to attorneys-in-fact and the members and powers of the licensing committee, in respect of management of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as amended and supplemented from time to time.

Categories of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The 6 large categories of EEE and WEEE, respectively


Temperature exchange equipment

Refrigerators, freezers, automatic dispensers of cold products, air-conditioning equipment, dehumidifying equipment, heat pumps, radiators containing oil and other temperature exchange equipment using fluids other than water for the temperature exchange.


Screens, monitors, and equipment containing screens with a surface greater than 100 cm2

Screens, TV sets, LCD photo frames, monitors, laptops (portable computers), small portable computers.



Straight fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, High intensity gas discharge lamps - including high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, LEDs.


Large equipment

Washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washing machines, cookers, electric stoves, electric hot plates, luminaires (lighting appliances), equipment reproducing sound or images, musical equipment except for organs installed in cult establishments, machines for knitting and weaving, large computer mainframes, large printing machines, copying equipment, large coin slot machines, large medical devices, large surveillance and control instruments, large machines which automatically dispense products and money bills, photovoltaic panels.


Small equipment

Vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, appliances for sewing, luminaires (lighting appliances), microwave ovens, ventilation equipment, irons, toasters, electric knives, electric kettles, clocks and watches, electric shavers, scales, appliances/devices for hair and body care, pocket calculators, radio sets, digital cameras, video cameras, video recorders, hi-fi equipment, musical instruments, equipment reproducing sound or images, electrical and electronic toys, sports equipment, computers for cycling/biking, diving, running, rowing etc., smoke detectors, heat regulators, thermostats, small electrical and electronic tools, small medical devices, small monitoring and control instruments, small machines which automatically dispense products, small equipment with integrated photovoltaic panels.


Small IT and telecommunication equipment

IT and telecommunication equipment (≤ 1kg), IT and telecommunication equipment (>1kg ≤ 3kg), personal computers (PCs), mainframes (4kg), mobile phones, gps devices, printer cartridges/toners.


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